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Corporate Finance 

e-ADIB Corporate offers a comprehensive suite of flexible online financial solutions designed to help you increase productivity and manage your company’s cash flow. With real-time global account access and customizable setup features, you can take complete control over critical financial functions at every level of your organization. Keep track of your payments, receivables, liquidity and the changing value of your assets - all with one secure solution.

The key features ofe-ADIB Corporate include:

•    One easy-to-use consolidated interface for comprehensive and global cash management
•    Flexible reporting tools to help you manage your cash flow needs
•    Multilevel, end-to-end security
•    Centralized, automated and scheduled enhancements so there is no need to download software updates
•    Comprehensive, yet easy to use with intuitive navigation, online learning resources and telephone support in your language
•    Convenient internet access from anywhere in the world
•    Align with your in-house Treasury Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems

Security features that set the industry standard

e-ADIB Corporate offers a reliable and secure online environment by adopting best-in- class technologies, proven best practice IT policies and procedures as well as dedicated expert resources.

These features combine to ensure that data is always securely transmitted, safely backed up and that service is always reliable.

e-ADIB Corporate in action

Correspondence documents can be collected and delivered to your office by our dedicated Courier Collection and Delivery Service with the dynamic flexibility of e-ADIB Corporate can only be fully appreciated when you come to use it, but here are some of the key functions that you can look forward to:

Admin Access control

Most importantly, e-ADIB Corporate puts you in control of your internal security with flexible administration tools to make your online experience efficient and secure. Whether your organization is large or small, you have the opportunity to tailor the system to align with your corporate, compliance and audit needs.

Easy access to approvals

At the click of a mouse, you can access all pending approvals.

Managing Workflow and Groups

By managing access to tools and reporting options, you can streamline internal processes and improve your operational efficiency. Your system administrators will determine the access privileges of each member of staff.

Accounts Reporting Tool

The Accounts reporting tool enables you to view up to date information (balance and transaction) on your current, deposit, financing, and trade financing accounts.

Authorised users can view account history, search transactions and see consolidated balances.

Fund Transfers

The transfer tool allows you to do real-time interact transfers.

While the wire transfer tool enables you to do real-time book, domestic and international payments by either manually entering the beneficiary and payment details or by pre-defined template selection, or via the file import mechanism.


This is a great tool that allows you to generate reports for all activities on your account. e-ADIB Corporate provides standard reports, or you can customize your own reports and download them in XLS, CSV, HTML, TXT formats to be used later in your reconciliation.

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